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Tech-Enabled Drayage Service in Ohio

The DrayNow intermodal marketplace is available in the Ohio intermodal markets for customers looking to secure intermodal drayage capacity for their contracted lanes.

For third-party logistics providers (3PLs), intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) and other broker-type organizations looking to expand their intermodal capacity base, the DrayNow platform has all of the tools they could need. DrayNow taps into a previously underutilized source of intermodal capacity: the owner operator. Owner operators and small trucking operations register with the DrayNow mobile app and pick up the intermodal drayage they’re interested in hauling from the marketplace. We work closely with the highest performing carriers to ensure best-in-class drayage service for contracted intermodal freight.

Our customers can utilize the extensive data collected on each trip to check on the status of their freight, which they can then provide to the beneficial cargo owner (BCO). Real-time tracking, ETAs and in and out times are available through geo-tracking on a live map and the progress bar shown on each trip.

Drayage capacity for intermodal loads is currently available in the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo, Ohio intermodal markets for contract lanes and spot freight. Customers who are interested in accessing this service can fill out the form below.

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Intermodal Loads for Owner Operators in Ohio

The DrayNow load board app has intermodal drayage markets for owner operators and small truck operations in the Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Toledo/North Baltimore regions of Ohio.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with intermodal freight transport, these loads are all local within a 250-radius and originate from local rail yards. The carrier will pick up a container from the rail yard and either get the container loaded or unloaded at a warehouse before heading back to the rail with that container.

In Columbus, intermodal freight will be coming out of the CSX Columbus Yard as well as the Norfolk Southern Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal. In the Cleveland area, intermodal drayage activity will be happening around the NS Maple Heights rail yard and the CSX Collinwood Yard. For trucking carriers looking for local loads in Cincinnati, they will be originating out of the Norfolk Southern ramp over in Sharonville as well as the NS ramp in Cincinnati. For carriers in the Toledo area, freight will be coming from NS Toledo and the CSX Northwest Ohio ICTF ramp in North Baltimore.

Any owner operator who is thinking about hauling intermodal loads in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, or Toledo can go ahead and download the app using the link below to register.

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