Our team is dedicated to injecting technology into the tech-barren intermodal freight industry, automating complex processes, helping truck drivers find work, and adding previously-impossible efficiencies that have real green environmental impact.

We’re a supportive bunch that believes strongly in collaboration, communication, and creating innovative solutions to complex problems. As a company we firmly believe that family comes first, with everyone from our leadership on down exercising flexible hours to give school events, little league games, and family outings priority with no questions asked. We’re deeply invested in our work and seek to work with folks just as self-driven and passionate about our craft as we are.

DrayNow is rapidly disrupting the logistics industry by solving the first and last mile problem, starting with the intermodal freight segment. We are the first to create a real-time marketplace for the expanding intermodal freight segment of the shipping market that facilitates frictionless real-time interactions connecting Truckers and Customers to seamlessly haul intermodal loads throughout the United States.


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Our Team

Mike Albert

Founder & CEO

Stephanie Beyda

Office Manager

Jordan Bond

Regional Sales Director

Stephanie Bewick

Regional Sales Director

Martin Connor

Software Engineer

Josh Elsen

Operations Specialist

Matt Faden

Customer Success Manager

Dave Fedorcsak

Director of Operations

Dan Fooks

Operations Specialist

Neil Gabbadon

Senior Software Engineer

Paul Gottlich

Director of Customer Success

Jamie Harris

Operations Specialist

Jeffrey Hemelt

Operations Specialist

Drew Holland

VP Technology & Strategy

Connor Kane

Marketing Specialist

Matt Kookan

Finance Administrator

Liz Leonard

Operations Specialist

Artie Maull

Recruitment and Engagement Specialist

Evan Noll

Director of Marketing

Tito Obaisi

Marketplace Operations Manager

Cintya Pacheco

Operations Specialist

Andrew Piao

Software Engineer

Laurie Pozo

Operations Specialist

Thomas Ryan

VP Business Development

Courtney Steinberg


Mariam Talebi

Senior Software Engineer

Rob Testino

Operations Specialist

Joe Waltz

Senior Project Manager

Tom Wengrowski

VP Operations

Board of Directors

Gil Beyda

Genacast & Comcast Ventures (Board Member)

Sam Landman

Comcast Ventures (Board Member)

Nate Lentz

Osage Ventures (Board Member)


Brad Frith


Craig Probe


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