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Spot rates are fluctuating faster than ever, and DrayNow is here to help you and your business make more data-based decisions. Now, DrayNow is making our instant spot rate data available to all! Get the most up-to-date spot rate data for each week.

DrayNow wants to make intermodal freight movement as transparent as possible. Now carriers, brokers, and shippers can make more informed decisions on how to move freight.

Come back each week for updated rates and highlights on the spot market. #DrayNowData

UPDATE 1/19/20

Rates are down

• After a strong start to the year with rates trending upwards, average spot rates on the DrayNow platform fell to $2.79.
• This change is completely in line with trends similar at this time last year. With that being said, average spot rates may continue to decrease as the market corrects itself.

UPDATE 1/12/20

Rates are up

• Average spot rates are continuing to start 2021 strong, climbing to 3.42, up 7% from last week. This is just short of the 2020 high of $3.46 set in November.
• This is similar to the trend seen at this time last year, where rates peaked this week and then started to decline. It will be interesting to see if average rates this year continue the trend.

UPDATE 1/5/2020

Rates are down

• Average spot rates on the DrayNow app dropped to $3.21 after hitting $3.27 last week, the second highest average of 2020.
• The year starts strong as the holiday season brought rates up. Expect to see rates continue to drop as more capacity becomes available.

UPDATE 12/29/2020

Rates are up

• Average spot rates on the DrayNow app hit $3.27 after last weeks low of $2.41.
• Capacity is tightening as the holidays hit! We expect to see rates drop again as we continue into January.

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