DrayNow 53' Domestic Rail Intermodal Drayage Volatility Index

The DrayNow 53′ Domestic Rail Intermodal Drayage Volatility Index is a measure of market variations by the changes  of U.S. Rail Intermodal Drayage costs.

DrayNow is uniquely positioned to measure fluctuations across the domestic Rail Intermodal market. DrayNow’s data is compiled in real time from freight moved through the DrayNow platform, enabling us to provide substantial data to indicate market trends. DrayNow’s data is inclusive of most major IMCs and all major Intermodal rails and rail markets in the U.S, making it one of the only sources of comprehensive data sets. This chart enables viewers to react faster in real time to the actual market conditions rather than the perceived or assumed conditions.

  • January 2023 – Present
  • Year-over-Year cost change by week
  • Spot and Contracted Freight Mix
  • Truck Line Haul with Fuel


Accepted vs. Non-Accepted Price Gap Index

All spot freight on the DrayNow marketplace is taken at a carriers discretion, while dedicated Intermodal freight remains stable. This gives DrayNow the unique opportunity to examine the pricing difference in all Intermodal freight that is accepted by carriers, compared with freight that is not accepted. This data serves as an indicator of availability of capacity, and of the strength of the dedicated Intermodal freight market compared to the spot freight market.

During times of volatility, the market responds in real time with pricing. This index demonstrates that when capacity is looser, pricing is less of a factor of acceptance. When capacity is tighter, pricing is critical to acceptance. By observing these trends, freight can be priced more efficiently and accurately to reflect supply and demand.

  • January 2023 – Present
  • Measured as the price of non-accepted freight out of accepted freight.
  • Accepted freight is all freight moves that are completed.
  • Baseline of 1 indicates no difference in price per mile between accepted freight and non-accepted freight.
  • <1 indicates accepted freight is priced higher than non-accepted freight

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