AB5 One Year Later: Where Are We Now?

It has been one year since AB5 was implemented, drastically changing the way that trucking companies can operate in the state of California. We’ve taken a look out our own DrayNow data through our operations in Northern California and Los Angeles to see what, if anything, has changed.

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Where Truckers Can Find Freight in California

The enactment of AB5 legislation in the state of California has left truck drivers in the state going the owner operator route. However, this means they also have to go out and find freight to run. Where can an owner operator go to look for freight?

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AB5 & Trucking: 3 Months Later

It’s been three months since AB5 went into effect for the California trucking community. What has gone on in the state since then? We’re here to provide a state of the trucking industry post-AB5 and offer solutions to the issues.

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How to Become an Owner Operator in California

In the age of AB5, many truck drivers in the state of California are going to end up going the independent owner operator route as a viable alternative to working with a larger carrier. We're going over how truck drivers in California can become owner operators and stay successful on the road.

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Finding Intermodal Drayage Capacity in California Post-AB5

AB5 is going to continue affecting the way that shippers and intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) find capacity for their freight. Fortunately, DrayNow is available to help IMCs navigate the post-AB5 trucking world by securing previously untapped and hard-to-reach intermodal drayage capacity.

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Managing Capacity Disruptions in a Post-AB5 World

AB5 will impact any brokers and carriers operating in the state, while getting and maintaining intermodal capacity will be a key issue. Here we explain what AB5 means for carriers and IMCs, as well as how DrayNow can provide solutions.

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What AB5 Means for Trucking Carriers

What does AB5 mean for the California trucking industry? For starters, many larger carriers that use independent contractors as their drivers will have to either bring them on as employees or stop working with them. To stay in the industry, these truck drivers may become owner operators.

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AB5: California’s Trucking Reality for Carriers & Brokers

Despite AB5, we do not think that the independent model of trucking is gone for California. We believe it will revitalize the true independent model where small truckers in America, with their own operating authority and insurance, take back market volumes.

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AB5 & DrayNow

AB5 seeks to redefine the relationship between two trucking companies; the independent owner operator as one “company” and the other being large carriers that use independent owner operators to move freight. DrayNow is an unbiased intermodal marketplace made up of those who need Intermodal freight moved and carriers that are independent owner operators. This creates a critical separation because DrayNow is arranging transportation of freight but not actually delivering the freight.

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