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In the California intermodal trucking capacity market, Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) is and is going to continue having a major impact on the way that shippers and intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) find capacity for their freight.

The entire independent contractor model is facing upheaval, leaving major questions as to where customers can find present and future drayage capacity. Without the right tools in hand, trying to move intermodal freight in the state of California will get increasingly more difficult.

Fortunately, DrayNow is available to help IMCs navigate the post-AB5 trucking world by securing previously untapped and hard-to-reach intermodal drayage capacity. DrayNow’s technology connects owner operators and smaller, independent carrier companies with local intermodal freight. As an intermodal marketplace, DrayNow bridges the gap between truckers and intermodal freight while sidestepping the disruptions caused by AB5.

Small-operation carriers in California can use the DrayNow app to pick up local intermodal loads in their area. Using the app to find freight as independent owner operators keeps them untethered to any larger drayage company. Due to AB5, these companies would either have to keep drivers as employees or potentially be in violation of the standards laid out in the law. This will likely lead to an increased number of truckers going into business for themselves, and looking to apps like DrayNow to find loads.

DrayNow has markets in Los Angeles and Northern California serving all of the domestic intermodal freight available in those regions. With over 135,000 trucking companies all across the state, and that number expected to go up, the need for a platform like DrayNow to connect to all of these individual carriers will only rise. We make it easy to get your freight right in their hands.

In a time of great uncertainty, DrayNow is here to provide solutions to make sure that intermodal freight continues to run efficiently in California. If you are looking to use the DrayNow platform to secure intermodal capacity, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

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