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The DrayNow intermodal platform is available to intermodal marketing companies and owner operators working to move container freight in the Los Angeles area. Get more information below about the benefits of our technology.

Tech-Enabled Drayage Service in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles market is up and running on the DrayNow platform, with hundreds of carriers signed up and fully activated. With this many owner operators available, we’re able to provide excellent drayage service. With DrayNow operators monitoring the marketplace 24/7, all service matters will be resolved in an instant. We’re able to connect intermodal drayage capacity in Los Angeles with loads very quickly, meaning that service will also be available fast.

Intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) have the opportunity with DrayNow to get contract service on particular lanes, guaranteeing capacity whenever there are new orders. And customers can post their spot orders to the platform at any time, even if they are loads in need of same-day service. The amount of carriers in LA and the low mileage of most intermodal loads in the area makes it very easy to connect with same-day drayage service.

On top of getting capacity for intermodal freight in Los Angeles, customers can get matched up with intermodal containers through street turns. Our street turn algorithm can match drayage containers from other orders on the platform with other orders that do not yet have equipment.

Intermodal marketing company representatives interested in getting signed up with the DrayNow platform to get intermodal capacity and drayage service, fill out the form below.

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Intermodal Loads for Owner Operators in Los Angeles

Owner operators in the Los Angeles and Inland Empire areas can access local intermodal trucking jobs on the DrayNow intermodal app. These are short haul truck loads that are commonly referred to as drayage, acting as the first and last mile of intermodal rail movements.

Intermodal drayage loads are coming off the rails around Los Angeles and San Bernardino, so they are locally based. These rails include:

  • Union Pacific – City of Industry
  • UP – LATC
  • UP – ICTF in Long Beach
  • UP – East Los Angeles
  • UP – Montebello
  • BNSF – Los Angeles (Hobart)
  • BNSF – Commerce
  • BNSF – San Bernardino

Most orders will be staying within a 50-mile radius, giving owner operators the opportunity to pick up multiple loads each day. Since the loads do originate from the LA rail yards, carriers will need to be registered with the rail company associated with each yard. While a large majority of the loads will be coming from the rails, LA port activity is also very busy. If there are loads available that are originating from the ports around Los Angeles, a driver will need to carry a TWIC card to enter the ports.

Even though most of the freight available on the DrayNow app will be staying in California, carriers will need to have interstate operating authority because intermodal freight will eventually cross state lines.

Owner operators with their own operating authority will not need to worry about whether they are in compliance with AB5 rules when using the DrayNow app. This is because carriers are using their own authority to run loads and are picking up intermodal freight from the app on their own accord.

Carriers looking for intermodal loads in the LA area can download the free DrayNow app at the link below.

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