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Intermodal transportation is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly mode of moving domestic freight. The benefits are obvious, but it’s not without its own unique challenges. DrayNow sees these challenges as opportunities.

One such opportunity lies with intermodal’s use of rail-owned drayage containers. The challenge with this model is that equipment shortages can limit operational capacity. However, through the use of our street turn technology, DrayNow found an opportunity to solve this complex problem.

The DrayNow Street Turn Algorithm

We’ve introduced a new algorithm to our platform that looks to match drayage containers assigned to active orders with all trips in need of equipment on the DrayNow marketplace, creating possible street turn opportunities. The opportunity for a street turn arises when an intermodal pickup order needs equipment, and there is a delivery order in close proximity via distance and appointment time. If the street turn is accepted, the pickup order will be matched up with a nearby delivery, eliminating the need to ingate the container after the delivery and outgate another container for the pickup.

This is a major step forward for intermodal container utilization, and when customers accept street turns, their containers can stay out on the road with limited rail interaction. As the DrayNow network grows, these street turn opportunities will only become more abundant and help freight move faster to its next destination.

Matching Truck Drivers With Freight

Being that DrayNow offers technology to connect with intermodal drayage capacity, the street turn algorithm is also matching truck drivers with freight. The driver who was on the original delivery order would then be the driver for the pickup. Time is scarce, and DrayNow street turns save time for the driver and time for the customer in finding equipment and capacity.

With this new technology, freight customers can stretch their last mile with DrayNow. Think about it this way: with a container on our platform in a certain market moving to the rail, there is the opportunity to follow up with this container in the market where it ends up. The container from this delivery order in a new market could then possibly be used in a pickup for yet another street turn. The DrayNow platform is available in domestic intermodal drayage markets across the country, making this a conceivable opportunity.

Street turns aim to maximize the use of intermodal containers out on the road, therefore make moving intermodal faster and more efficient. Through our street turn algorithm matching up opportunities and intermodal marketplace sourcing carriers, DrayNow is the epicenter of intermodal connectivity.

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