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Street turns are a big win for intermodal freight movement, as they allow empty containers to be utilized for a live load in need of equipment.

But with intermodal drayage generally being a fragmented industry, identifying opportunities for street turns can be burdensome or nearly impossible.

DrayNow is stepping up to the plate to address this challenge by using new technology to facilitate street turns on the freight marketplace. Our platform is finding ways to match intermodal containers in active use with later trips in need of equipment. This opens the opportunity for carriers to complete all-day tours consisting of combined trips, keeping their trucks running more efficiently with more revenue per driving hour.

With DrayNow’s new street turn matching capabilities, trips that were previously unable to be completed due to a lack of equipment can now get matched with the carrier and equipment of another trip close by. DrayNow’s technology is already actively enabling street turns, saving customers the time and expense of finding an intermodal drayage container for their live load.

Because these combined tours are now offered on the DrayNow marketplace, drayage carriers have an easier time effectively filling their day with intermodal trucking loads. Using the same equipment for multiple trips cuts down on the time and mileage spent ingating and outgating new containers. Plus, intermodal trucking carriers don’t need to find street turn opportunities on their own, as the combined trips show up as one on the app.

Equipment shortages have been plaguing the industry for some time now, and the lack of available street turns only exacerbates that issue. A systemic issue like this means that it is time to really look at how we can best utilize containers. By using technology to find street turn opportunities, we are cutting down on the number of intermodal drayage containers needed to get freight to its final destination. This makes intermodal freight transport more efficient than ever.

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