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Intermodal customers searching for best-in-class drayage service for their intermodal freight in the Charlotte, North Carolina area can utilize DrayNow for their service and technology needs.

And for owner operators interested in finding local freight, move on to the Carriers section of this page right below.

Tech-Enabled Drayage Service in Charlotte

Customers, such as intermodal marketing companies, can use DrayNow’s drayage service for their contract lanes to acquire superior capacity for these loads. Owner operators and other smaller trucking companies download the DrayNow mobile app and then have access to these available local intermodal loads.

DrayNow offers an incredibly unique product to intermodal in the form of a desktop platform, where IMCs and other freight brokerage customers can view the real-time status of their orders, from when they’re posted to the marketplace until the carrier has completed the trip. Any distinct challenges that may arise from a particular intermodal load will be solved by the specialist team here at DrayNow, offering customers a contactless experience with the intermodal drayage capacity on their orders.

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Intermodal Loads for Owner Operators in Charlotte

The DrayNow app is available for owner operator trucking companies in the Charlotte area interested in running local intermodal loads.

Intermodal drayage loads will be coming out of the Norfolk Southern Charlotte intermodal terminal as well as the CSX Hovis Road ramp in Charlotte. On a typical intermodal trip, a truck driver will pick up an empty or loaded intermodal drayage container at a rail ramp and either get it loaded or unloaded before dropping it back off at the rail.

Regardless of where the carrier is headed to deliver an intermodal drayage container, they will need interstate authority due to the interstate transportation that will happen or has already happened for this freight once it gets on the rails. Check our FAQ page to get the full run down on the requirements that owner operators need to run power only intermodal loads from the DrayNow app.

Owner operators and all other independent motor carriers who would like to sign up for the free DrayNow mobile app can get started by clicking the link below.

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