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DrayNow delivers in the Seattle-Tacoma, Washington freight market for customers looking for best-in-class intermodal drayage service, and owner operators interested in hauling local loads.

Intermodal customers, get the latest information on the DrayNow platform right here. Owner operators, scroll down to find out more about the app.

Tech-Enabled Drayage Service in Seattle & Tacoma

The DrayNow platform gives intermodal brokers a unique opportunity to tap into owner operator capacity for their freight. On top of the Seattle region, DrayNow is providing nationwide coverage for all drayage moves available. With this in mind, customers are able to set up contracted lanes and secure capacity so that there is no time wasted in searching elsewhere for intermodal drayage carriers to take their freight.

Intermodal customers can get top notch service for their freight on the road, as well as much needed technology solutions that are available on the DrayNow desktop platform. DrayNow has real-time tracking that enables accessible and timely updates on each trip. There are also street turn capabilities available for anyone customers in need of intermodal drayage capacity and equipment for their freight.

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Intermodal Loads for Owner Operators in Seattle & Tacoma

DrayNow offers a free mobile app that owner operators can download to access intermodal loads in their area, including the Seattle-Tacoma region. The loads that will be available on the app are 53’ containers that require power only units to haul.

A typical intermodal haul involves the carrier picking up the 53’ container from the rail yard, bringing it to a warehouse location, and then returning the container back to the rail ramp. Since there is back and forth from the rail, intermodal loads are much shorter than over-the-road hauls, and will generally stay within a 250-mile radius.

These intermodal loads in this market will be originating out of the BNSF South Seattle and Stacy yards, the Union Pacific Seattle intermodal terminal, the BNSF North and South yards in Tacoma and the UP TacSim ramp. Since these loads are shorter runs, they will most likely stay within Washington state.

Carriers can go ahead and download the DrayNow app at the link below to get started on registration.

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