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DrayNow is available in the Jacksonville, Florida area for intermodal drayage customers in need of dedicated capacity and streamlined full-service on their freight!

Owner operator truckers looking for local freight in Florida can now start the registration process via the mobile app.

Tech-Enabled Drayage Service in Jacksonville

DrayNow technology gives intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) and other types of broker businesses access to drayage capacity for both contract and spot moves. For contract freight, we secure dedicated capacity to keep things running as efficiently as possible. On spot moves, customers can utilize the platform to find capacity for freight at any time. Our high same-day coverage rate can ensure that carriers are actively checking their mobile app for available freight, no matter the appointment time.

In additional to the intermodal capacity benefits that the DrayNow platform has to offer, we have developed street turn technology that can pair intermodal loads that do not have equipment with another load in the area, securing capacity and a container for your order. The DrayNow platform also gives customers access to geo-tracking technology, where they can see the location of their freight in real-time and get ETAs on the arrival of the carrier to the warehouse.

Anyone in the intermodal industry who is interested in securing intermodal capacity and enhancing their operations can reach out to us via the form below to get the conversation started.

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Intermodal Loads for Owner Operators in Jacksonville

In the Jacksonville area, intermodal freight will be originating out of the Edgewood Drive Norfolk Southern ramp, the CSX ramp at Sportsman Club Road and the Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) Bowden Yard.

Intermodal drayage loads are all local, so they will usually run within a 250-mile radius. Since the ramps around Jacksonville are the only intermodal locations for hundreds of miles, trucking carriers will be delivering freight all along the First Coast area.

Given the proximity to Georgia, it’s likely that many of the intermodal loads available in the Jacksonville market could also be going out of state. Even if the freight is staying within Florida, carriers will need to have interstate authority in order to haul, because the intermodal freight has already traveled across states.

To use the DrayNow app, carriers will need to have their own authority, insurance, and a power unit that’s able to haul 53’ intermodal containers. Carriers that would like to use the DrayNow load board app to haul intermodal loads in the Jacksonville area can use the link below to get started on signing up.

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