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Have you been looking for more opportunities for your trucking business? Are you searching for intermodal capacity in California? The DrayNow intermodal platform is available in the Northern California and Los Angeles regions for both trucking carriers and intermodal freight customers.

DrayNow is accessible for intermodal customers in the form of a desktop platform where they can post their intermodal loads to get capacity and track the status of their freight, while truck drivers can use our free mobile app to pick up this local freight.

Intermodal Loads for Owner Operators in California

For carriers that are new to intermodal drayage, this term refers to moving containers to and from the rails or ports to another location such as a warehouse so that the containers can complete the first or last mile of the overall trip. Intermodal loads are all local so that truck drivers are typically staying within a 250-mile radius when moving this freight.

In the Northern California region, intermodal freight is coming out of Union Pacific’s Lathrop location in French Camp, BNSF Stockton and UP Middle Harbor in Oakland, all within the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

In Southern California, the rails are primarily centered around Los Angeles, with intermodal drayage originating out of many locations, including Union Pacific COI in City of Industry, UP LATC in Los Angeles, UP East Los Angeles, UP ICTF in Long Beach, UP Montebello, BNSF Los Angeles, BNSF Commerce and BNSF San Bernardino over in the Inland Empire. Owner operator trucking companies in Los Angeles who use the DrayNow app will access these rails for any loads that they pick up from the app.

Trucking carriers that are looking for owner operator jobs in the NorCal and Los Angeles areas and are interested in picking up local intermodal loads can use the link below to download the free DrayNow load board app.

Tech-Enabled Drayage Service in California

The DrayNow technology platform has exciting advantages for intermodal marketing companies (IMCs), beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) and third party logistics companies (3PLs). Access to features such as real-time geo-tracking, street turn optimization and instant document capture ensures that your freight is being moved more efficiently than ever before.

For any intermodal drayage customers interested in utilizing the DrayNow platform for their capacity and technology needs, please fill out the form below to get in touch!

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