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DrayNow has launched a domestic intermodal market in Winter Haven, Florida for intermodal freight brokers looking for drayage capacity and owner operator truck drivers looking for local loads.

Tech-Enabled Drayage Service in Winter Haven

Intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) can use the DrayNow platform to connect with best-in-class intermodal drayage service in the Winter Haven area, as well as other domestic intermodal markets across the country. This market covers all freight coming out of the CSX Central Florida ILC terminal. Customers can utilize DrayNow for their spot freight or any contract lanes that need capacity. We also offer real-time visibility on each load through the platform, where IMCs can access in and out times, ETAs, load documents and accessorials among other things.

We source intermodal drayage capacity from highly qualified owner operators in the area who are interested in running local loads. With Winter Haven being a smaller intermodal market, using DrayNow to get drayage service will eliminate the need to find a carrier to haul your freight from the rails.

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Intermodal Loads for Owner Operators in Winter Haven

The DrayNow app is available for trucking owner operators who are interested in looking to haul local intermodal loads. Carriers can choose the right loads for their business right from the app and get access to all of the load information that they will need to haul. These loads are local, meaning that they will stay well within a 250-mile radius with most moves being even a lot shorter mileage.

These loads are coming from the local rail in Winter Haven, which is a CSX ramp. Even though these freight moves are most likely never going to require a carrier to drive to another state, carriers will still need interstate authority to use the DrayNow app. Interstate authority is needed to haul intermodal loads because the cargo is traveling interstate over the rails.

Owner operators will also need to register with CSX in order to access the rail and be able to pick up containers. This is important because carriers will need to go to the rail at the beginning of a trip to pick up the container as well as at the end to drop it back off.

Download the free DrayNow app at the link below to get started on registration!

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