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The DrayNow mobile carrier app and customer desktop platform is available in the Memphis intermodal market.

For those unfamiliar with us, DrayNow is an intermodal drayage service where customers secure capacity for their contract lanes, and carriers can choose from the available freight that they’d like to run. With DrayNow’s technology, customers get capacity and trucking carriers get access to local freight.

Intermodal Loads for Owner Operators in Memphis

For truck carriers new to intermodal, it’s very different from over-the-road trucking. While long-haul loads will have drivers out on the road for days at a time, intermodal loads are all local and usually within a 250-mile radius. This gives drivers the chance to take multiple trips in one day and still stay close to home. Intermodal loads are also originating out of rail yards, where the carrier will be running either the first or last mile of the container’s expedition.

Freight in this market will be coming out of the Union Pacific ramp in Marion, Arkansas, the Norfolk Southern ramp in Rossville, BNSF Harvard, the Canadian National ramp in Memphis and the BNSF Shelby ramp.

Trucking carriers who are interested in using the DrayNow app to find local intermodal freight in the Memphis area can start the sign-up process at the link below.

Tech-Enabled Drayage Service in Memphis

Customers can utilize the DrayNow platform to secure best-in-class drayage service for freight in markets across the country, as well as the Memphis intermodal drayage market.

We’ve mentioned the intermodal drayage capacity benefits of the DrayNow platform at length, but that is not the only benefit to the intermodal marketing companies (IMCs), third party logistics companies (3PLs) and beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) operating in the Memphis intermodal drayage market. For each intermodal load run through the platform, customers have access to real-time ETAs powered by geo-tracking and instant document capture.

On top of these advantages in using the DrayNow platform for intermodal freight transport, we’re also matching up container utilization opportunities through our street turn algorithm. This feature makes it easier to find drayage containers for live loads that also need trucking capacity.

Customers that are interested in using the DrayNow platform for all of their drayage needs in the Memphis market + many others, please submit the freight inquiry form below.

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