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The DrayNow intermodal freight marketplace app has opened up new markets in the Upstate New York and New England regions. In New York, the new markets include the areas around Albany, Buffalo and Syracuse. All of the New England intermodal freight is coming out of Massachusetts, specifically the rail locations in Springfield, Worcester, and Ayer.

DrayNow deals with both sides of the intermodal equation by providing a freight marketplace for the customers that have intermodal freight and a mobile app for the trucking carriers that are looking for local owner operator jobs.

Intermodal Loads for Owner Operators in New England

If you’re unfamiliar with intermodal freight transport, it deals with the movement of drayage containers primarily over the rail. Truck drivers are utilized to pick up the container from the rail and bring it to the next destination – typically referred to as the first and last mile. These loads are all local, so they typically do not exceed 500 miles round-trip and stay within a 250-mile radius.

In New York state, intermodal loads from the DrayNow app will be originating out of Norfolk Southern (NS) Albany, NS Buffalo, CSX Buffalo and CSX Syracuse.

For anyone looking to pick up intermodal freight in New England, you can expect these containers to originate in NS Ayer, CSX Grafton Street (Worcester), and CSX West Springfield.

Trucking carriers that are in the New England and Upstate New York regions and are interested in picking up local intermodal loads can use the link below to download the free DrayNow load board app.

Tech-Enabled Drayage Service in New England

Intermodal marketing companies (IMCs), Third Party Logistics Companies (3PLs) and Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs) can use the DrayNow platform to tap into intermodal drayage capacity and get real-time tracking on their loads. This technology includes geo-tracking with real-time ETAs and 99% compliance amongst carriers on the platform as well as street turn capabilities that efficiently utilize intermodal drayage containers.

If you’re interested in using the DrayNow platform to get capacity, please fill out the form below to get in touch with us!

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