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The Traditional Method of Finding Drayage Service

In order for intermodal container freight to hit the rails and get to its final destination, a drayage carrier is needed to bring the container from the origin location to the rail yard. Once the freight finishes its journey on the rail, another drayage carrier needs to bring the container from the rail to the next location. This means that intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) are tasked with finding drayage capacity on both ends of the trip to successfully complete the intermodal move.

How can IMCs find the best drayage service for their business? And how can they even find drayage carriers? IMCs usually need to directly source capacity for their freight, calling out to intermodal drayage carriers in the area to get the job done. But that’s very time consuming, and what happens if their main carrier isn’t up for the job? With two carriers needed for two drayage moves, that is double the headache in case things go awry.

Getting Intermodal Service and Capacity with DrayNow

At DrayNow, we are providing best-in-class drayage service to IMCs by sourcing drayage capacity across the country. We do this by utilizing owner operators as capacity for the freight of our customers. These owner operators are able to book loads and run freight through our mobile app. While carriers are progressing through the load, customers are able to receive real-time updates on their loads through our technology platform and get access to the bill of ladings (BOLs) and proof of deliveries (PODs) the second a carrier uploads those documents. With this setup, IMCs signed up with DrayNow no longer have to source their own drayage capacity and in turn also get efficient service powered by technology. The entire intermodal workflow can be housed right on the platform, starting the minute capacity is found up until the last document has been submitted.

By giving owner operators access to intermodal freight on the DrayNow mobile app, we are tapping into an underutilized source of drayage capacity. How do we get owner operators to haul intermodal containers under their own authority? Carriers using the DrayNow app go through a registration process to ensure that they are highly qualified to run intermodal loads from the DrayNow app. Prior to approval, we will review a carrier’s MC number, DOT number and insurance to make sure they are up to our standards.

Access Carriers Nationwide

With coverage in all domestic intermodal drayage markets, IMCs can utilize DrayNow technology and service to get capacity for the first AND last miles on the intermodal haul, the origin-destination pair. With thousands of carriers signed up across the nation, IMCs can turn to DrayNow to get service for contracted lanes nationwide.

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