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If you’re looking to use DrayNow to access intermodal drayage capacity, please check out our Customer page or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

The DrayNow intermodal carrier network, comprised of single owner operators and small fleets, is constantly growing.

These carriers connect with intermodal freight on our mobile app that customers post through our web platform. Using owner operators as a primary source of intermodal drayage capacity presents a real benefit for shippers and intermodal marketing companies, including potential for quicker coverage from a large carrier base that will cover any type of intermodal trucking load posted to the platform.

At the publish date of this post, the median time that a load sits on the DrayNow intermodal marketplace stands at 24 minutes. This means that a large group of owner operators are regularly checking the load board for intermodal freight. So not only is DrayNow connecting freight with capacity, our customers loads are taken by carriers very quickly, which means less administration and touches per load.

Owner Operators as an Intermodal Capacity Source

We’re in a unique position here at DrayNow where we tap into the owner operator market to serve as intermodal trucking capacity. There’s only a finite group of traditional drayage carriers, so this immensely expands the base of carriers available to haul. In fact by making these loads available to independent trucking carriers, DrayNow is expanding the potential intermodal trucking capacity to include the approximately 350,000 owner operators in the United States.

With the DrayNow load board app, we make intermodal freight easily accessible to carriers. Once signed up, carriers are qualified to haul intermodal freight and now have access to all available loads in their market that they can pick up in just a few clicks. And once the load is taken by a carrier, the app facilitates the entire freight move, and the customer can use the tech platform to receive updates along the way.

Having so many individual owner operators using the DrayNow app means that there are plenty of carriers with different freight preferences. This works very well for the spot market, where a well-priced load is almost certain to match with a carrier that prefers those type of loads. Carriers even can filter out loads on the app to easily view the freight most applicable to their operation.

All in all, owner operators are ready and willing to haul intermodal freight, providing much-needed benefits. DrayNow is able to set them up as a new source of intermodal drayage capacity and seamlessly move local loads. For more info on the DrayNow platform, fill out the form below.


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