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On top of capacity, shippers and brokers of intermodal freight are usually looking for uncomplicated access to transparent drayage service.

Transparency surrounding intermodal drayage service starts with having access to information. With a traditional drayage carrier, brokers are most likely not hearing anything about the status of a trip until it was completed…or not completed. To even get information on the status of a trip, brokers would have to make a few calls with no documentation to be found. Obviously relying on and dealing directly with traditional drayage carriers for intermodal trucking capacity and service is inefficient if there are better ways to get good drayage service. And there are superior alternatives.

The DrayNow intermodal platform offers a marketplace for brokers to post intermodal freight that will be available to thousands of intermodal trucking carriers signed up with our app. On top of efficient capacity, the DrayNow platform offers geo-tracking capabilities, which is a benefit to understanding the drayage trucking service behind each intermodal load. With geo-tracking, brokers can see the exact location of a carrier, which gives information on trip progress and ETAs for the next stop on the load. Any broker that gets drayage trucking capacity using the DrayNow platform will see these geo-tracking updates appearing in real-time.

Geo-tracking is done right through the DrayNow app on a carrier’s mobile device while they are running a load. Traditional carriers are usually resistant to this type of technology. However, DrayNow has over 99% geo-tracking compliance across our network of drayage carriers. This means that more than 99% of intermodal drayage trucking moves that are completed through the DrayNow platform have complete and accurate location data available to brokers, offering never-before-seen transparency. Who else in the industry can say that?

What makes carriers so compliant when it comes to geo-tracking is the ease of use due to our technology. All a drayage trucking carrier has to do is use the app during their trip for geo-tracking to work, updating both the location of the carrier and the progress that they have made.

Using the DrayNow platform for intermodal drayage, brokers get the best of both worlds: access to capacity and transparency through the vast amount of information available with geo-tracking. With thousands of intermodal trucking carriers offering a nearly 100% compliance rate for geo-tracking, never before has intermodal drayage seen such transparent drayage service.

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