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After securing rail space for their customer, intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) must find drayage carriers to transport the container to and from the rail. Since a majority of the move will be over the rail, IMCs will need to find capacity for two drayage moves that are thousands of miles apart. At DrayNow we refer to these first and last mile dray moves as origin-destination pairs, as they represent the move from the origin to the outbound rail yard, and then from the inbound rail yard to its final destination.

Factoring in multiple modes of transportation for one freight shipment does not need to be complex. Using a drayage service like DrayNow can cut back on the number of service providers the IMC needs to successfully complete a shipment. With domestic intermodal markets open all across the country, DrayNow provides an easy way to get intermodal drayage service on both the origin and destination sides of the dray.

Below is a map of all locations where DrayNow can cover intermodal freight coming and going from the rails.

Given our extensive geographic coverage, we have the capacity to manage the Origin and Destination drayage for more than 90% of domestic intermodal rail shipments. Below are a few examples of the ways in which DrayNow can handle drayage origin-destination pairs.

Scenario 1:

The IMC needs a live load of an intermodal container in the Chicago area to then be brought back to the rail where it will end up grounding in Winter Haven, Florida for a live unload in that area. DrayNow can service both the live load in Chicago and the live unload in Winter Haven.

Scenario 2:

The IMC needs a container dropped off at a warehouse in the Stockton, CA area and a loaded container picked up from the same location to be brought back to the rail. This loaded container will then ground for a delivery in the Kansas City area. DrayNow can cover both moves.

Scenario 3

The IMC needs a drayage service provider to pick up an empty container from a rail in the Atlanta area to get loaded at a warehouse. This container then needs to be brought back to the rail. In a few days it will ground in Los Angeles for a delivery. DrayNow can service both sides of the dray for this rail move.

Scenario 4:

The IMC needs an empty container pulled from a rail in the North Jersey region for a live load destined for the Jacksonville area. When the container grounds in Jacksonville, another drayage carrier is needed to bring the container to its final destination. DrayNow has the capacity in North Jersey and Jacksonville.

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