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Looking for a quick refresher on all things DrayNow tech? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered all of the features together – the lifework of the engineering team – to show off what they’ve been able to accomplish recently in accelerating the digitization of intermodal.

TRUprice Tool

This tool will make up-to-the minute pricing recommendations for every load posted on DrayNow. Its underlying machine learning models are continuously evolving and leverage historic and current data to estimate whether loads are likely be requested based on their prices, attributes, and prevailing marketplace conditions.

Introducing the DrayNow Real-Time TRUprice Tool

Railinc & Geolocation

What is Railinc? It’s a data aggregator that works with the railways and other involved parties to provide us with rail data via application programming interface (API). The connection between Railinc and DrayNow has allowed us to receive outgate information for containers and get that on the platform automatically.

Increasing Shipment Visibility on the Platform

EDI Integration

IMCs can integrate their TMS with DrayNow, through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). By integrating our platform with another transportation management system, users can post orders to our marketplace right from their respective in-house system. Peter Svetlichny, a DrayNow senior software engineer, puts it best in saying, “It allows IMCs to post order tenders to our marketplace without having to use the platform directly.”

Making your TMS more efficient than ever

Live Document Capture

Documents are added each step of the way, as opposed to the traditional model of repeatedly reaching out to carriers after they’ve completed a trip. Carriers scan and upload the BOLs, PODs and rail billing right from their phones, cutting down tremendously on the time it would usually take to gather all of that together. And since they’re stored right on the DrayNow platform, it’s all in one centralized place, as opposed to docs scattered all over the broker’s email, fax, or even regular mail.

Using technology throughout the intermodal trip

Special Trip Instructions

The Special Instructions feature is available to make your freight even more touchless than before. All a user needs to do is type in the special trip instructions at any point in the order creating process, whether they pertain to ingating, outgating, the pickup or delivery. Those notes will then show up on the app for carriers to see before they even request the trip.

Adding Special Instructions

Dynamic Trip Types

With Dynamic Trip Types, customers now have eight different trip types to choose from when inputting an order (Pickups, Deliveries, Multi-stop Pickups & Deliveries, One-way Pickup & Deliveries, Crosstowns, and Empty Repos). The process of actually creating an order to post to the marketplace hasn’t changed much at all, but the new features allow for almost all intermodal trip types to be easily posted on the platform.

How to best utilize Dynamic Trip Types

Alongside all of the features that make up the DrayNow platform and the continuous development of these features, there are brand new developments coming through in the next few months. “We’re adding even more automation, transparency and flexibility to the inherently complex intermodal drayage space. These features further that mission by making the movement of freight as magical and touch-free as possible,” explains Drew Holland, VP of Technology. This includes the upcoming SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model for customers to get all of the benefits of the platform for all of their freight.

Future of DrayNow Tech

The tech team is continuously developing existing features, like our Geofencing tools, and new ones such as the Dynamic Trip Types. And on the horizon, look out for the SaaS model of our DrayNow Platform.

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