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Continuing our trend of rapid innovation, DrayNow has implemented two new features into the platform: Railinc integration and increased geolocation capabilities. Both of them are providing greater visibility to orders on the DrayNow platform by further automating the process of getting information on a load. These features are making the real-time updates on trip progress better than ever.

What is Railinc, exactly? It’s a data aggregator that works with the railways and other involved parties to provide us with rail data via application programming interface (API). The connection between Railinc and DrayNow has allowed us to receive outgate information for containers and get that on the platform automatically, with more features to come. Railinc provides solutions and lets us more accurately update where the carrier is on the trip, as well as getting the status of the outgated container.

Our new geolocation feature provides another method of visibility for customers. With geolocation, we can pinpoint exactly where the driver is along the way and get accurate load information. Our technology will automatically update the location of the driver, while also moving them to the next step in the trip as they move along.

It’s a safeguard for the customer to get as much visibility on the shipment as possible. For the carrier, this will make sure that appointments and in and out times are 100% accurate. This will end up saving a lot of headaches for each party in case there is any confusion surrounding detention and arrival times. If a carrier needs detention, and the platform has correctly pinpointed the time of arrival at a warehouse, then the customer can quickly confirm the detention charge and limit the back and forth on verifying what time the driver had actually shown up.

DrayNow customers now have multiple sources of real-time location information on their orders: carrier updates, Railinc integrations and geolocation. Having multiple access points to receive these updates ensures reliability and our commitment to a visible platform. The next time your shipper calls for an immediate update on where the load is, you will have information that’s even more accurate and accessible to you than ever before.

Stay tuned for further exciting developments on DrayNow technology!

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