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Along with the continuous development of our current features, the DrayNow tech team has some really exciting projects on the horizon. Between enhanced geofencing capabilities, customizable trip options, and a SaaS product, our intermodal technology will be more capable than ever to take on the digitization of an industry in need of it.

Customizable Trip Options

In a new update coming to the platform, customers will be able to more effectively add multiple stops and one-way trips to their orders and get them into the hands of carriers that are ready to haul. In turn, this lets them utilize the DrayNow platform for a greater share of the freight moves on their plate.

When this feature is implemented, customers will be able to add more stops to their trips and remove stops if it’s only a one-way trip. This in turn will update the number of steps that a carrier goes through on each trip. It adds simplicity on one-way trips, and efficiencies on multi-stop trips so that the customer doesn’t have to create a new trip and find a new carrier for each stop.


We are working to make it easier for both carriers and customers to update and get updates on the location of freight as its moving. By using geofencing capabilities in our own system, trip progress can be automatically updated to the next step without the carrier needing to do anything on their end. Geofencing, by definition, is a perimeter drawn around an area used in location-based services to trigger a response. That response on the DrayNow platform is an update to the trip progress.

As it stands right now, geofences are around all of the rail yards where loads on the DrayNow platform originate from. When a carrier arrives to ingate or outgate a container, the trip progress is updated accordingly. Later down the line, the tech team will be expanding these capabilities to include all of the facilities where carriers go to pick up and deliver freight. This will give the customers and our team the most precise data down to the minute on arrival times.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

What is SaaS, exactly? It stands for Software as a Service, and it refers to any specialized application that is accessed via Internet by businesses looking for that access.

The DrayNow platform is an incredibly effective way to get capacity, track loads, and manage freight moves. Whether a customer is posting freight directly onto the marketplace, or they’ve integrated their own TMS through EDI, the loads all end up in the same place: in the eyes of carriers that are looking for freight in the DrayNow app.

But what if you could get the benefits of the platform for all of your freight? With our SaaS platform, all of the technology that makes the DrayNow platform what it is can be in your hands.

By engineering our platform into an entirely new package, the customer is essentially getting a private marketplace. They can use this software to manage the freight and the carriers separate from their business with DrayNow. Everything from Railinc integration, geolocation, document capture and updates on trip progress can be seen on every load.

At our foundation, we are a tech company that is providing solutions within intermodal. With digitization becoming more apparent every day, offering a SaaS model of our product to the industry while adding new features to the current platform is essential to get real-time visibility on each and every intermodal trip.

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