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Not every intermodal run is clear-cut, and may require additional information for the carrier to see and act on during the run.

That’s why we’re introducing the easiest way yet to add specific instructions on each leg of the trip! Our new Special Instructions feature is available to make your freight even more touchless than before. Instead of calling or emailing us with carrier instructions, you can put them in while creating the order.

In this new feature, all you need to do is type in the special trip instructions at any point in the order creating process, whether they pertain to ingating, outgating, the pickup or delivery. Do you need carriers to get scaled at the facility, or call for further appointment information? That's where this information goes.

Those notes will then show up on the app for carriers to see before they even request the trip. Each note will show up in accordance with the stop that the instruction falls under, so carriers will be more prepared than ever to complete every trip step.

Stay tuned for announcements on other new features in the works!

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