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For every effective broker business, there’s an advanced TMS behind it. What is a TMS? It stands for transportation management system. It’s essentially the centralized dashboard that holds everything from order details to billing, designed to help every user effectively manage their supply chain. Without it, companies would have all of this information living in many different places, which would cause a ton of headaches just to go about their day-to-day operations.

The great thing about using the DrayNow platform is that it does not require a radical change in processes. Brokers can post loads on the platform and get the capacity they need and view the real-time tracking of the trip along the way. Right from our site, they have all of the information for that trip and can use that to update their TMS while letting the customer know the status of their freight. There’s no need to call down a list of carriers or search far and wide for the documents essential to close a trip. Every factor going into an intermodal trip is housed in one place: the DrayNow platform.

And better yet, IMCs can integrate their TMS with DrayNow, through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). By integrating our platform with another transportation management system, users can post orders to our marketplace right from their respective in-house system. Peter Svetlichny, a DrayNow senior software engineer, puts it best in saying, “It allows IMCs to post order tenders to our marketplace without having to use the platform directly.” A broker can get all of the benefits of the platform while staying in the TMS that they feel comfortable using. All they have to do is send it on over, and the trip is available for all carriers in that market to see.

"EDI allows IMCs to post order tenders to our marketplace without having to use the platform directly.

Every user that puts intermodal loads on the DrayNow platform can also see trip updates every step of the way. From What if the broker doesn’t want to log in, but still wants trip updates? Not a problem! EDI integration with a TMS also has the capacity to send over trip updates. So the next time their customer calls asking for the status of an order, the broker will have that information right on hand.

Whether an IMC has EDI integration with DrayNow, or brokers are logging into our site to effectively manage freight, everyone is still getting the same benefits of the platform: access to previously untapped capacity, real-time tracking, and document capture just to name a few. With EDI integration, we’re making it even easier to access these features, while ushering forward the technology within intermodal for the benefit of an entire industry.

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