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Coming right off of the implementation of our Special Instructions feature, DrayNow is excited to announce the arrival of Dynamic Trip Types to the platform as well.

This new technology makes it easier than ever to create orders of all different types, whether they be one-way trips, multi-stops, loaded crosstowns, empty repositioning and a regular pickup or delivery.

“After listening to feedback from customers on order entry, we decided to create a better defined suite of trip types,” explains Joe Weltz, Senior Project Manager. Now, users have 8 different trip types to choose from when creating an order.

On the carrier side, the amount of stops in a trip will also reflect in the steps a carrier has to follow in the app. For a typical pickup or delivery, a carrier goes through 8 steps that they need to update along the way. Now, depending on the amount of stops that are in a trip, the number of steps a carrier has to take will update accordingly.

Where can you find these new trip types? Right at the start of order creation! Check out the videos below that go over each dynamic trip type and how to best use them in practice.








As you can see, creating dynamic trips is not much different from a regular order input while giving users a very easy layout to put the right info for each leg of the trip in the right place. If you’re looking for any other clarification on how to most effectively use the DrayNow platform, click this link for full access to our tutorial library!

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