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As we say goodbye to one year and usher in 2021, we’ve decided to take a look back at 2020 and highlight some key initiatives that all of us here at DrayNow were able to accomplish. Here’s a glance at our 2020, by the numbers.

That’s the number of miles DrayNow loads traveled this year. To put this into perspective, there are 4.18 million miles of road in the entire United States, so carriers who use DrayNow have covered the equivalent of 37% of the country’s entire road system!

It would take one person almost three years of continuous driving at 60 miles per hour to achieve this. We owe it to the thousands of carriers who are signed up with us and looking to take intermodal freight.

This is the weight of all DrayNow freight that traveled the 1,552,958 miles this year. That’s a lot of millions right there. All 187,419 tons of freight ends up being things that you see on store shelves all across the country.

This refers to the percentage of expedited loads posted to the DrayNow marketplace that were able to get same-day capacity. With access to motor carriers – a previously untapped source of capacity – users can get coverage for their loads no matter how last-minute the appointment may be. To better understand marketplace behavior, check out our analysis on the relationship between lead time of a load and its price, and how they relate to capacity.

36 stands for the number of updates that were made to the DrayNow platform to add new features and enhance existing ones. This includes the rollouts of exciting new tools such as Railinc integration, dynamic trip types and a complete revamp of the progress bar. With all of these releases, one thing is clear: the engineering team is always hard at work making our technology the best it can be.

That’s how many blog posts were published on the DrayNow website. Whether it was to introduce a new tech feature or start an educational series on intermodal freight, our content kept rolling all throughout the year. Averaging almost two posts a week, it’s definitely worth checking out the blog to get up to date on all things DrayNow!

With a new year comes new goals and opportunities. One thing is certain: all of us at DrayNow are ready to take on 2021 and continue to pioneer the digitization of intermodal.

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