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What is freight fraud?

The term freight fraud usually refers to any situation where fraudulent activity occurs at any point in the process of connecting freight with carriers. Through finding freight online, carriers run the risk of getting scammed either through fake loads or double brokering. Double brokering is where a particular load has been booked by another party who is misrepresenting themselves as the carrier. The load will then be posted again by the original carrier for another carrier to take, without the original broker being aware of the change.

As business owners, owner operators have to find freight to haul in order to earn money for their services. This means owner operator truck drivers will most likely be perusing countless load boards in search of the best freight. While load boards are a great way to find freight, there is the unfortunate danger of freight fraud.

Owner operators using the DrayNow app to find local intermodal freight can have the peace of mind that the freight they’re booking from the app is 100% legitimate. We work with verified customers, ensuring that all freight posted to the marketplace are valid loads. All of the pertinent trip information for each load, including mileage, location, and price, is available before a carrier even requests the trip, making the entire process very transparent.

For any owner operators unfamiliar with intermodal drayage, this type of freight typically deals with the transport of 53’ containers to and from the rails with a stop in between at a shipper. These loads are all local and within a short distance, usually not exceeding a 250-mile radius so that truck drivers can get home every night. To use the DrayNow app to haul these loads, carriers need their own operating authority, power unit that can haul 53’ containers and insurance.

Carriers will not have to worry about possibly booking a double-brokered load that could potentially risk whether they get paid or not. Carriers on DrayNow loads will be paid for the freight that they run, including any accessorial charges incurred on the trip. And for carriers who choose to get paid directly from DrayNow, they can get paid the week after the loads they have run are completed.

The risk of freight fraud can make any carrier nervous about the validity of the trucking loads that they’re looking to pick up, which is the basis of their entire business. DrayNow provides a risk-free experience for carriers by only working with authorized customers. By finding local power only loads on the free DrayNow app, owner operators are able to find legitimate freight and expand their business.

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