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Click the links to see the first, second and third videos of this app demonstration series.

After inputting all of the pertinent information from the bill of lading (BOL), it’s time to scan the BOL, which is done right in the app. It’s important to make sure that the scan is clear and if the BOL is multiple pages, be sure to scan each page.

When everything with the BOL is settled, it’s time to depart the shipper, click I’ve Departed, and head to the termination location. The app gives you all of the details of the termination location at this point, as well as a place to scan the ingate receipt. You will also need to provide the SCAC code once again upon arrival at the rail yard.

Once you’re in the rail yard, you can terminate the load. This includes dropping the container and chassis here, and then hitting Load Terminated¬†on the app screen. After this, you will be given the opportunity to add any accessorials to the trip, which could be anything from detention to stop offs. When that is completed, it’s time to hit Finish and this DrayNow trip will officially be completed.

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