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Click the links to see the first and second videos of this app demonstration series.

After hooking up your container and chassis, it’s time to outgate the container, which means departing the equipment location. When you’re done completing this step, click I’ve Departed on the screen and head to the shipper. The address and appointment time is given to you at this step.

Once you have arrived, click I’ve Arrived, confirm you are at the correct location, and be ready to get your container loaded. If you’re on a live load, you need to stick with the same container. Once you are loaded, click Loaded and then go ahead and collect the bill of lading (BOL).

It’s important to make sure that the BOL is signed and contains in and out times. When you get the BOL, go into the app and enter the Container Number, Chassis Number, Seal Number, Pieces, Weight, and Destination City. After this, you will be ready to depart the shipper.

To see the next video in this app demonstration, click here.

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