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To see the first video, going over the app marketplace, click the link here!

Once you have picked up a load from the marketplace, the My Trips section at the bottom of the screen will have the trip you just selected. When it’s time to begin the trip, simply click into it and then hit Begin at the top right corner.

The first step of this particular Pickup trip is to drive to the equipment location. Once you arrive at the rail yard, you’re going to need to provide the SCAC code, reservation number and container number as it is shown in the app. Note that you will need to be registered for the rail in order to get accepted. For tips on how to quickly get your registration in line, check out this link here.

After clicking I’ve Arrived, it’s time to look for the container. Once you find the container, it’s important to do a thorough check and make sure that the chassis does not have any issues and the container does not have any holes. After that, it’s time to hook up to the container and input the Container and Chassis Numbers into the DrayNow app.

To see the next video in this app demonstration, click here.

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