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Intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) use DrayNow to receive best-in-class drayage service on the first and last mile of their intermodal moves. Our platform also hosts a plethora of technology benefits for IMCs to utilize on each load, including real-time tracking, ETAs and instant document access.

DrayNow works with all types of 53’ domestic intermodal freight. In addition to providing service on intermodal spot freight, DrayNow gives IMCs the opportunity to get drayage service on intermodal lanes, which are consistent loads going to the same shipper/consignee location. Where spot loads are one-off opportunities, intermodal lanes are running almost every day and are given a locked-in price for every load that runs within the lane.

When an IMC gives an entire intermodal lane to DrayNow, we will execute every load that is going to that shipper/consignee location 24/7. With so much volume behind a lane, it’s going to be much more efficient for a broker to use the same drayage source for every load as opposed to searching for drayage capacity every time a load in this lane needs to move. Carriers using the DrayNow app also prefer this recurring freight as it sets them up with a consistent schedule and they can keep their trucks running often.

How does our drayage service perform for intermodal lanes? Month after month, we’re continuing to have a 100% execution rate on awarded lanes. The combination of consistent freight and competitive transparent pricing creates winning performance metrics for loads in an intermodal lane. The familiarity of an intermodal lane also primes our operations team for success in providing solutions for any issues that may come up.

DrayNow has over 90% coverage across the country, meaning we also have the unique opportunity to provide service for intermodal lanes on the origin side of the move and the destination side. The origin is where the freight is shipping from and the destination is the final delivery of the freight, the first and last mile. For example, a recurring lane involving a pickup in the Chicago area and a delivery in Los Angeles can be covered by DrayNow.

Award us your recurring intermodal lanes and you can expect consistently quality service. If you’re looking for drayage service for lanes, please reach out to us at the form below to get started.


IMCs, BCOs, and Freight Forwarders who need help moving Intermodal Containers.

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