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Not only does DrayNow cover the drayage service for intermodal loads originating from the rail, but we can also provide the quote for servicing this freight.

DrayNow has zip-to-zip pricing available for intermodal loads coming off rails around the country. This transparent pricing is calculated using historical data and fuel to determine the rate to move freight. Gone are the days of uncertainty due to ever-changing rates; with DrayNow, IMCs can access accurate rates without the need for guesswork or extensive carrier negotiations.

The fact of the matter is that drayage rates are not going to be the same across the country, and even by rail origin location. With our pricing, we have developed the solution to determine precise rates from each rail ramp to the next location.

DrayNow is able to price the drayage for your entire intermodal move.

IMCs can get quotes on both the origin and destination sides of the dray, and our coverage area accounts for 90% of rail moves across the country. For example, DrayNow can price and service your load that originates out of Chicago and delivers in the Houston area. Please refer to our domestic intermodal market map to see the areas where we’re providing drayage service.

DrayNow zip-to-zip rates are also available through Softmodal, which intermodal marketing companies can get integrated with their TMS. If you’re already set up with Softmodal, you can find DrayNow rates when creating your order; just enter the zip code of each location and DrayNow will show up as a drayage service option with the included rate.

Between pricing, load execution and technology, DrayNow stands out as an all-in-one premium drayage service provider.

To get a quote from us, reach out to your account manager or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. If you do not have an IMC account set up with DrayNow, please use the form below as well.


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