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On-time rates can be a tricky piece of data to verify when it comes to Intermodal trucking. Without technology, arrival and departure times are recorded manually by drivers during or after a trip. Through little fault of their own, these can be rough estimates that possibly deviate from the actual time of arrival. Unless a driver isn’t accepted by a shipper or consignee for being late, customers typically don’t have much evidence as to whether a carrier was really on time or not.

There does not have to be this much uncertainty. The DrayNow platform, the first intermodal marketplace, collects all of the data customers are looking for on each load. This includes arrival and departure times, along with ETAs before a carrier even gets to their next destination so that you know if a driver is on track to arrive on time. Carriers use the DrayNow mobile app to find freight and complete those loads, so all of this data is collected with ease in real-time to ensure accuracy.

There are many technology features that go into each Intermodal load. On top of carriers updating their app at each step of a trip, the DrayNow platform integrates container availability data and geolocation capabilities. The Railinc integration lets customers know if their container is ready to go, while geolocation updates the time of arrival/departure at each destination using geofencing to provide the most accurate information. All of this data can be found in one place—on the progress bar available to users to track their freight.

For every trip where we provide the drayage service, the on-time performance is documented and added to their overall on-time rate. This data is available at the request of a user and is sent out in weekly and monthly reports so that you can track your freight’s overall performance on the platform. From there, users can be assured that what they’re seeing is the most accurate data, whether it’s down to the minute arrival times or the aggregated on-time rates.

In 2021, there shouldn’t be any guesswork surrounding the performance of carriers and their handling of Intermodal freight. When a user’s freight from the DrayNow platform has a 95% on-time performance, they can know with full certainty there are concrete numbers to back this up.

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