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For intermodal marketing companies (IMCs), the greatest method to stay ahead of the curve is by rapidly increasing the volume of freight that they handle. This also means scaling the business through revenue growth and keeping costs down. To succeed, brokers will still need to prove that they can continue providing valuable service for their customer, the shipper, by securing rail space and drayage capacity for intermodal shipments.

Companies looking to scale their IMC operation will need to take on more freight without taking on too much extra cost, such as hiring additional employees. But how are they going to handle the extra volume without additional personnel? They still need to find truck capacity for the intermodal dray moves, get all of the documentation in order for each load and update the customer when deliveries have been made. How would they even find the time to get new business when they’re saddled with all of the day-to-day responsibilities of the current operations?

When it comes to the drayage side of intermodal transportation, the solution for IMCs is here.

DrayNow is operating in domestic intermodal markets all over the country, making us a valuable intermodal drayage service provider for all of your freight. We work with owner operators through our mobile app to supply intermodal truck service. Once your freight is in our hands, we will service your freight with capacity, with our technology also being able to provide real-time updates and grant instant access to trip documents. Should an issue arise on any load, we have operators managing all of the freight that comes through our platform 24/7.

Would you rather have to find and communicate with dozens of intermodal drayage providers on each side of the rail, or would you rather use just one? Less fragmentation of drayage service providers helps keep all of your freight organized and able to be tracked in real-time. When the customer asks for a status update, you will have much quicker answers. You get better service from your drayage provider, DrayNow, and in turn you can provide better service to your customer.

DrayNow is the one-stop solution to help IMCs conquer all of the nuances of intermodal drayage. To expand your IMC business, you need to cut out the minutiae that can impact the focus of your personnel. There’s no need for intermodal freight brokers to get into the weeds of drayage operations, and DrayNow is here to take over that service in drayage markets nationwide.

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