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For carriers using the DrayNow app to find local freight, we have introduced an exciting new update that makes it easier than ever for carriers to view and understand the Trip Details for each intermodal load.

On the DrayNow intermodal load board app, loads are available to choose from on the open marketplace and through the Waitlist feature, which shows loads that have already been picked up by another trucking carrier. Carriers can add their name to the Waitlist and get notified if the intermodal load becomes available again. If a particular load on the marketplace catches a carrier’s eye, they can click into the trip to get more information.

Before booking a load, carriers are able to see a full view of Trip Details, including the all-in price, round-trip mileage, where they need to pick up the drayage container and where they will need to get it loaded/unloaded. The new Trip Details view is shown below and we’re going to give an overview on the meaning of each section of the screen.

For this particular example, the trip is priced at $350, and the mileage is 27 miles. It is listed as a One-Way Delivery, meaning that the carrier will need to go to NS Charlotte to pick up the loaded container and drop it off at Josh’s Gallery in Charlotte.

There are Special Instructions listed right below the location information that the carrier who books this intermodal load would follow as well.

Finally, under the Info section, the Container Number and Weight are listed for carriers to know which container to pick up and if the load will be heavy or on the lighter side.

For a carrier interested in the intermodal load, they can click Book Now at the bottom of the screen and the load is theirs to run.

The enhancements to the Trip Details page give owner operators and small trucking carriers a clear picture of what to expect when running intermodal drayage loads that are available on the DrayNow app.

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