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The team here at DrayNow is thrilled to introduce a new feature to DrayNow’s mobile app: Waitlisting. With this latest addition to the app, carriers will be able to see intermodal loads that have already been booked and choose to join a waitlist for that particular load in case the original carrier can no longer complete the trip. This is a very exciting update as it makes choosing freight from the DrayNow app more flexible than ever.

Here is how the new feature will work:

The home screen of the DrayNow app now has two available views: Available Trips and Waitlist.

To see all of the loads that a user can join, they will simply tap the Waitlist menu to see all available Waitlist loads.

To choose to join the Waitlist for a particular load, the user will simply copy the process of requesting an active order and tap Join Waitlist at the top of the screen.

If a waitlisted trip becomes available, the user will immediately be notified via push notification to open the app marketplace and request the load.

Not only will carriers be able to see available trips on the app marketplace, but they will also have access to loads that have already been booked and join the waitlist for any of those loads. Seeing loads that have already been taken gives carriers an idea of what kind of trips they can run with the DrayNow app, and what to look out for once these trips become available. By using the new Waitlisting feature and being instantly notified of the trip becoming available again, carriers will be connected with the local intermodal freight they are interested in quicker than ever before.

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