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Are you interested in moving intermodal freight and expanding your owner operator business? Download the free DrayNow app from the App Store or Google Play store, or click the button below.

The DrayNow app has local intermodal loads available for owner operators across the country. Carriers signed up with DrayNow have the ability to pick up local freight on their own accord, at any time. These loads are power only and 53’ intermodal containers originating from the rail.

When a load is picked up by another carrier, it doesn’t disappear forever. This load will now show up on the Waitlist tab in the DrayNow app. Carriers who are interested in this load can put their name on the Waitlist. This means that if the original carrier can no longer run that load, everyone on the Waitlist will be immediately notified through a push notification. Anyone who receives the notification can then enter the app and request the reopened order.

How to Use the Waitlist Feature

Here is a view of how the Waitlist appears on the DrayNow app. To access this view, click Waitlist on the home screen. Users can see the details for each trip on the full view of all orders with a Waitlist available. By clicking into a particular load, the user can see even more information about the trip, and here is where they can join the Waitlist.

There is no limit to how many waitlists a carrier can join, so feel free to sign for as many as their schedule allows in case the order does open up. Carriers who join the Waitlists will be the first to know when these intermodal loads are available.

To get access to new loads, we also recommend checking the app often and daily, as new loads will come onto the app at any point in time. A huge benefit to running intermodal loads is that since they are all local, an order can open very close to the appointment time and a carrier will still be able to run it. For carriers who are looking to run different parts of the country, they can select multiple markets to view and pick up loads, maximizing their visibility of available freight.

Between effectively using the Waitlist feature and regularly checking the app, carriers will have quick access to the freight available on the DrayNow app.

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