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Once you have an IMC account set up with DrayNow, you will be able to tender orders directly to us, ensuring technology-enabled drayage service for loads across all markets. Customers can tender a wide variety of loads to DrayNow, including live loads and unloads, drop and hooks, multi-stop pickups & deliveries, crosstowns and empty container repositions.

There are many options as to how an IMC customer can build an order for DrayNow service.


For starters, freight brokers set up with DrayNow can create new orders directly on the DrayNow platform. This method will be a quick way to tender your order and, in the platform, you can also directly view all of the technology benefits offered when an order is in progress. This includes real-time tracking of intermodal loads and instant, electronic access to load documentation.

Many intermodal marketing companies have an electronic data interchange (EDI) integration set up with DrayNow. This means that they can send their orders over to us without having to leave their TMS. If your company has an EDI integration with DrayNow, you will be able to send orders over in this way.

Rates for DrayNow service are available on Softmodal, so any customer using that platform can calculate the zip-to-zip rate and then send over their load for drayage capacity.

Finally, customers can connect with our sales team and get quotes on their intermodal loads. This can be for spot freight or recurring freight for which you can lock-in capacity at a set price. We will get a rate to you as soon as possible and work on service.

If you have any intermodal loads that you’re looking to get covered, or you’re interested in signing up with DrayNow to get intermodal drayage service, please fill out the form below to get in touch with us.


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