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The content below is for brokers interested in utilizing the DrayNow spot market. For brokers interested in securing intermodal drayage service for their contracted lanes, please feel free to reach out to us via contact form.

Using DrayNow technology, intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) can get drayage service for their freight days or even weeks in advance. Carriers are always looking to plan ahead and fill their schedules with well-priced freight. Intermodal loads can also get drayage service on the same day as their appointment times. Of course, if you have the order earlier, it’s better to get it to us a decent amount of time ahead of when it needs to get moving. But if the original source of drayage capacity can’t run at the last minute, it’s very possible to get that drayage service from DrayNow.

Same-day coverage, defined as orders posted on the DrayNow platform on the same day as their appointment, has been around 95%. This means that drayage carriers are responding well to last minute spot availability. In order to make the freight even more appealing, the load may need a price increase based on the appointment date and time. Customers can also connect with DrayNow to get a quote that will best fit a last-minute drayage move.

After posting, the intermodal load will be available to thousands of carriers that are consistently checking the platform for more freight opportunities to better their business. If the IMC cannot change the price to something more competitive, they can also try to change the date or time. Doing so can only help in getting that necessary capacity, and providing that flexibility will prove that point.

With such a high same-day coverage rate on the platform, IMCs can reduce any worries of whether the load can get capacity or not and try DrayNow’s technology. No more frantic, last minute calls to other drayage carriers when capacity falls through. And users can access real-time visibility on the progression of each load that is put up on the platform and taken by a drayage carrier. These updates along the way ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Last minute cancellations from your in-house drayage carrier are certainly a headache and getting that load onto a technology platform like DrayNow certainly gets the customer moving closer to a solution, rather than wasting hours of time putting our fires and looking for coverage. DrayNow is here to streamline the process of finding intermodal drayage capacity for any order, because intermodal marketing companies can use us as their technology solution for any intermodal load, whether it’s scheduled for that day or two weeks in advance.

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