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DrayNow is partnering with Norfolk Southern to create a joint venture that will transform the intermodal rail experience with technology. This is a very exciting initiative that will combine the core competencies of each company to better the industry as a whole.

What will come out of the joint venture?

Through the joint venture, we will work together in creating an app that provides unparalleled visibility and transparency to intermodal drayage. This application, ModalView, will accelerate our mission of developing technology solutions that bring efficiency and connectivity to the industry. ModalView will make similar technology found on the DrayNow platform available to IMCs for visibility over all of their intermodal drayage carriers.

The DrayNow intermodal platform gives Intermodal Marketing Companies (IMCs) the ability to secure best-in-class intermodal drayage capacity, track and trace their freight in real-time and instantly get online access to pertinent load documents. Owner operators and small carrier operations that have downloaded the DrayNow app can pick up local loads from the app and run them, with all trip details and steps available on their mobile device. The platform is essentially an ecosystem for intermodal freight, from the moment an order is tendered to the final document upload.

How will the app work?

The future ModalView app will work for IMCs looking to track intermodal container moves and connect with the drayage drivers running that freight. Gone are the days of paperwork and myriad phone calls to get shipment updates. They will be able to track their shipments and find all of the important load documents all on the ModalView app. Everything will be available in real-time, ensuring seamless cargo deliveries and excellent service.

Historically, intermodal freight transportation has been fragmented and lacking cutting-edge technology. Our partnership with Norfolk Southern will bring intermodal drayage into the modern age through efficiency, transparency, and connectivity. By doing so, we will not only advance the industry but also ensure that all stakeholders benefit from a more agile and forward-looking intermodal drayage experience.

If you have any questions about the DrayNow platform or our new partnership, please feel free to reach out to us below.


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