Norfolk Southern Corporation (NYSE: NSC) has announced an $8 million investment in DrayNow, Inc. and the establishment of a joint venture aimed at revolutionizing the intermodal capabilities of rail. Together, these companies will harness technology to enhance the customer and drayage driver experience, elevate supply chain transparency, and improve network efficiency.

DrayNow’s innovative app, which offers real-time shipment tracking and document capture for drayage shipments, will be integral to this transformation, while Norfolk Southern, with its extensive intermodal network in the eastern U.S., will unite a currently fragmented supply chain to better serve intermodal customers. The investment will empower DrayNow to advance technology development, expand sales and marketing efforts, and grow its team, with Norfolk Southern represented on DrayNow’s board. This partnership aligns with Norfolk Southern’s commitment to a customer-centric approach, leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide a transparent and seamless experience while modernizing the supply chain for enhanced customer satisfaction and growth opportunities.

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