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In any type of freight market, whether it’s intermodal, over-the-road (OTR), less-than-truckload (LTL), etc., situations will always arise where freight needs quick service.

Sometimes this may even be same-day service, making it even more difficult to track down a potential carrier to move a load. The standard, antiquated methods of obtaining intermodal drayage truck capacity is time consuming, calling up all of the drayage carriers a company typically works with to see if they have last-minute availability. This is time that just isn’t there if there’s a load needed to be completed immediately.

Last minute fall-offs put intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) into even more of a bind, and a potentially costly bind at that. If the order cannot be completed on the day it was supposed to be done and rail booking expires, the IMC will need to pay the expense of getting a new rail booking. If the container is in a storage facility, they may need to pay for an extra day of storage if they need to roll the appointment to the next day.

Getting same-day drayage service with DrayNow

With developments in intermodal technology, IMCs getting access to same-day drayage service is easier than ever. At DrayNow, we can reliably move intermodal drayage with same-day appointments. With nationwide service available, we’re able to source capacity from thousands of qualified carriers signed up through our free mobile app.

The data coming from our intermodal operations shows what we’ve been able to accomplish. In June 2023, DrayNow was able to provide same-day intermodal drayage service for 92% of loads in need of truck capacity. This includes all loads that were created within 24 hours of their appointment time. Carriers have the ability to pick up intermodal loads at any time, and DrayNow has operators standing by 24/7 to assist in activating service on every order.

Since intermodal loads are much lower mileage than over-the-road freight, it’s much easier to secure service for a load that becomes available the same day as the appointment. The average mileage on a DrayNow load is less than 100 miles, making same-day service very feasible while carriers get the ability to complete multiple loads in a day. Keeping in mind the thousands of carriers registered and ready to run with DrayNow, the chances of getting same-day service for your freight is extremely high.

Obtaining quality service for the first and last mile of your freight shipment is crucial to ensuring a timely delivery. Last minute fall-offs that are out of your control are a huge hurdle to overcome. With services like DrayNow, you can be assured of our commitment to getting you the same-day drayage service needed to provide a successful experience for your customer.

If you’re an intermodal freight broker interested in signing up with DrayNow to get drayage service, including same-day capacity, please reach out to us using the form below.


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