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Are you interested in moving intermodal freight and expanding your owner operator business? Download the free DrayNow app from the App Store or Google Play store, or click the button below.

Aside from having local intermodal loads available, the DrayNow app is giving trucking carriers easy access to these types of loads in the first place.

Prior to our app, intermodal freight was mostly run by traditional drayage carriers because they had the qualifications to do so. In order to pick up local intermodal freight, carriers need certain credentials so that they can enter the rails. In the present day, DrayNow provides the signed up smaller trucking carriers with these qualifications so that they can easily access intermodal loads, expanding the capacity of trucks available to haul intermodal freight.

Crosstown Intermodal Trips

After being fully registered for the DrayNow app, owner operators would then have the ability to run crosstowns. There are many different trip types available on the DrayNow app, but crosstowns are specific to intermodal trucking. These loads are very short distance trips that consist of moving a container from one rail yard to another. Since no one is loading or unloading these containers, the carrier can leave right after dropping off the container, and easily make room for any other trip in their schedule.

The reason that these crosstowns are needed is due to the nature of intermodal itself. Containers are constantly coming and going across the country, and sometimes they need to be moved from one rail to another within the same region to continue the journey. Since containers are always moving, crosstowns will always be moving as well.

Given the right circumstances, carriers could fill their entire day with short crosstowns, netting them a lot of revenue while driving a very short distance overall. And DrayNow provides them with the access to pick up these loads and expand their operation.

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