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Are you interested in moving intermodal freight and expanding your owner operator business? Download the free DrayNow app from the App Store or Google Play store, or click the button below.

As you may have seen on the app, DrayNow has new intermodal trip types available for carriers to pick up off the marketplace. These new trip types make it easier than ever to request the right power only loads for your operation, and better understanding each step of the move before and during the trip.

Aside from the usual Pickup and Delivery options that are available on the app, you will also now be seeing Crosstowns, Empty Repositions, One-Way Pickups & Deliveries, as well as Two-Stop Pickups & Deliveries. Are you new to intermodal trucking and not necessarily with what each of these trip types entail? Below is a breakdown of each trip category.

Crosstowns are exactly what they sound like. It’s a relatively short drayage move where the carrier is bringing a loaded container from one rail to another. Empty Repositions are pretty similar to crosstowns, except this time around the container being moved from one ramp to another is empty.

A regular pickup or delivery involves a carrier going to a rail, picking up a container, heading to the shipper or consignee to get the container loaded or unloaded, and finally heading back to the rail with the container. One-Way Pickups and Deliveries are not much different from this, except a leg is being taken out of each trip.

For one-way pickups, the carrier starts at the shipper to pick up a container and then heads to the rail to drop it off, without having to go to a rail first. And for one-way deliveries, the carrier picks up the container at the rail and then heads to the consignee for the delivery, without bringing the empty container back to the rail.

Two-Stop Pickups and Deliveries are also very similar to the standard trips seen on the DrayNow app, except for pickups, carriers will be headed to two shipper locations to pick up each part of the load. For deliveries, carriers will stop at two consignee locations to deliver the freight. And don’t worry about accidentally picking up a two-stop trip from the app without noticing. Right on the marketplace and within the load information, it will clearly state that there are two stops for that particular trip.

As the types of trips on the app adjusts, so do the number of steps while completing each trip. Based on the amount of actions that need to be taken on each load, crosstowns & empty repositions have four progress steps, one-way trips have five steps, and two-stop loads have twelve steps that carriers need to complete.

Having these new categories available on the DrayNow app gives carriers access to a wider variety of intermodal trips from the load board that they can fit into their schedules. For example, let’s say there’s a one-way delivery headed to Green Bay. On a normal delivery, a carrier would need to bring the empty container post-delivery back to a rail. However, if there’s a one-way pickup originating out of Green Bay for the same day with the close appointment times, the carrier could pick up both without needing to make a round trip. That could mean more money in your pocket for less overall mileage!

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