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In this DrayNow webinar, Artie goes over how carriers can use the DrayNow app, an overview of what intermodal loads consist of, how to sign up for the app and how to progress through a trip while on the app.

To start, DrayNow is a free app that connects carriers and drivers with intermodal freight through an app. Carriers can sign up for the app and get access to local loads in their area, with all of the trip information available before taking anything. These loads are power only and deal with 53′ intermodal containers.

What exactly is intermodal? It refers to short local loads that primarily originate from the rails. There are many trip types available to run, including pickups, deliveries, crosstowns and empty repos. It’s typically less expensive to haul intermodal freight because of fuel efficiency, less wear and tear on the truck, and generally driving less miles per trip.

To sign up with DrayNow, carriers need active MC and DOT numbers, a tandem axle tractor unit, active general liability and cargo insurance, an AM Best Safety Rating of A- or higher and interstate authority. The sign up process is done right through the app and requires users to set up their own profile and the company profile by including all of the information above.

Everything surrounding a trip is done right through the app, so we have included a demo in the video below to show how to pick up freight and run it successfully.



Artie also went over some frequently asked questions that he gets from carriers:

Can I rent a truck from DrayNow? No, in order to partner with DrayNow you will need a tandem axle tractor (either a day cab or night cab).

How heavy is the typical DrayNow load? Freight weights can vary, but the weight is shown upfront before tendering a load so that you know before taking it.

How do I get my own authority? Applying for authority is done through the FMCSA.

Do I need my own SCAC code/TWIC card? No, TWIC cards are for the ports and are not needed with DrayNow loads coming from the rail. When running a load from the DrayNow app, carriers use our SCAC code to enter and exit the rail.

How do I register for the rails? There are driver assist offices at each rail that can help you get registered at the rail. There are also apps from most rail companies that will allow you to register there among other things.

What is the makeup of a typical DrayNow carrier? The general profile of a DrayNow carrier is a single owner operator that have their own authority looking to do power only loads. Smaller carrier companies are also a part of this profile.

How far out are loads usually posted on the marketplace? Freight can be posted whenever, usually anywhere from the day before to a week out. This gives carriers the flexibility to pick up freight when they can.

What would happen if the load I picked up was overweight? Please get in touch with our operations team to figure out a solution.

If you’re interested in signing up for the DrayNow app, download it for free in the App Store or Google Play store, and get started!

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