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Are you interested in moving intermodal freight and expanding your owner operator business? Download the free DrayNow app from the App Store or Google Play store, or click the button below.

Most of DrayNow’s carrier base consists of single owner operators that are looking for local intermodal loads. That’s pretty indicative of the trucking industry as a whole, where around 90% of trucking companies operate 6 or less trucks. This is where the app excels: getting local loads at the fingertips of drivers. In just a few clicks, you can set yourself up with great drayage moves.

However, what if you’re too busy driving and don’t have time to check the app for freight to pick up later in the week? It’s no secret that a small business like an owner operator company can thrive with additional manpower. Whether you rely on the support of a spouse, relative, or a team of people, it’s a great way to focus on two things at once: hauling freight now all while booking freight for the future. That way, the quality of service doesn’t suffer from distraction, and neither does your bottom line.

With the DrayNow app, there is no need to underutilize those working with you. When going through the registration process, you can also set up a dispatcher account, so that anyone who helps manage your day-to-day operation can find the best freight for the business and quickly pick it up off of the platform. Just let us know what your operation looks like, and we’ll be able to see what works best for you. Better yet? They don’t even need to use the app. All it takes is logging into our desktop version of the marketplace and they are all set. Just look at DrayNow carrier Xavier B., whose wife works with him in finding freight!

And what if you’re a carrier who wants to expand the business and add a driver to your company? The same process applies here. Just sign them up with DrayNow under your company so that they can haul containers under your own authority. From there, you can haul with DrayNow AND assign your drivers to loads of your choosing. All the driver needs to do is complete the trip and update their app at each point along the way.

We aim to be flexible and understand the capabilities of each small business that uses the app. Whether you want to do everything by yourself, or bring in your own drayage dispatcher, it is possible!

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