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Xavier B. is a standout carrier and owner-operator in Atlanta who uses the DrayNow app on a regular basis. He’s been driving trucks for 14 years, and just started out on his own this past October. He tells us, “Transportation is my passion, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”  

Xavier grew up around trucks his entire life through his family, so it was only natural for him to get into the business. Prior to becoming an owner operator, Xavier was a company driver and was definitely in it for the long haul. He would even truck all the way to his home state of California! Fun fact about Xavier: he’s been to every state except for Maine. We’re sure that his career choice definitely helped him achieve that.

As he began to settle down, Xavier was looking to stay in trucking, but also stay local. “Being local is a lot less stressful, not just for yourself, but with everyone that you work with.” His family also loves that he can focus on his passion for trucking, while staying local and coming home every night. How much so? His wife even works with him in their owner operator business!

What does Xavier think of his DrayNow experience? “When I wake up, the first app that I open is DrayNow.” He especially enjoys the straightforward layout of the app and engaging with our operations team. What about his experience in booking freight? “It’s EXTREMELY easy.” By using the DrayNow app to find freight, he can get into his 2012 Freightliner Cascadia every day and stay close to home while keeping his passion for trucking alive.

What advice does Xavier have for anyone trying to get into the trucking business? “You can never stop learning, no matter how long you’ve been driving. Take your time, be patient and don’t try to rush anything.” On what it takes to be a successful trucker: Building relationships, being a people person, and being diligent with your work are all important so that you can deal with any situation that comes your way.

Thank you for talking with us, Xavier!

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