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Anthony B. is one of DrayNow’s top carriers in Los Angeles. He loves driving his 2009 Freightliner Cascadia, and is always excited to see new places and meet new people while driving.

Though he has only been using DrayNow for a couple of months, he has been in the business for years. Anthony was a lumper first, then a shipping clerk, and then decided he wanted to go to trucking school. He has been driving since 1999 and is now a new owner operator who just got his own authority on March 1st of this year. He says that he “loves being his own boss, doing what you want to do, working when you want to”.

Like many drivers, Anthony has a few things up his sleeve to keep him entertained during long hours driving or waiting in the truck. He has a 24” TV in the back of the truck, and likes to watch action movies, including Venom, which he has seen 5 times. He also likes to use time in the truck to catch up with family and friends over the phone. And don’t worry about Anthony going hungry, he always keeps his favorite snacks on hand; trail mix, Flaming Hot Cheetos, potato chips, and sunflower seeds.

So what advice does an expert driver have for those new to the industry? First, he recommends that new drivers focus on doing their job well, and roll with the punches so they can learn as much as possible. Second is to focus on relationships- “the way you act and communicate reflects what people can expect from you” and to make sure you leave a good impression on wherever you deliver and pickup from, because those relationships are critical to doing your job as well as possible.

Thanks for talking with us Anthony!

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