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In this guide, we’re going to go over how intermodal marketing company (IMC) customers can use the DrayNow platform to get drayage service for the first and last mile of their intermodal loads. Our service is available for intermodal loads in domestic intermodal markets across the country.

Creating a Delivery

  • When creating a Delivery order on the DrayNow platform, a user first needs to select the Load Type and Market.
  • After this, the user will add a Reference Number and input the Rail Address.
  • Then they will add a Container Type, Container Number, Shipper City and State.
  • Next, they will input all of the Consignee’s Information, including Phone Number, Appointment Time at the consignee, Pieces, Weight, Commodity and Delivery Type.
  • After this, the user will add the Empty Termination Location and then input the Price.

Creating a Pickup

  • To start creating a Pickup order on the DrayNow platform, first choose the Load Type and Market.
  • Then add a Reference Number as well as the Empty Location Address.
  • Next, add the Container Type and Container Number.
  • After this, add the Shipper’s Address where the load will take place, as well as a Contact Phone Number, Appointment Time, Pieces, Weight, Commodity and Pickup Type.
  • Finally, input the Rail Location, the Consignee City and State, and then the Price.

Approving a Tender

  • Before a load is tendered to a driver for drayage service, it will show up in the Pending section on the DrayNow platform.
  • If the order is missing a Release Number, the user will need to add that before approving the tender.
  • Click Approve and then the order will officially have drayage service.

Viewing Order in Progress

  • Once a load is started by a driver, it will show up in the In Progress tab on the DrayNow platform.
  • After entering the In Progress section, a user can click into each In Progress load and see key details, such as the Arrival and Departure times, where a driver currently is on the trip, ETAs, and all other important load details.

Viewing Completed Orders

  • When an order is completed, it will show up in the Finished tab on the DrayNow platform.
  • From there, a user can click into the finished order and see all load information about this particular order, including load documents.
  • After viewing the price breakdown and any accessorials incurred by the driver during this load, the user can approve the charges and close out the load.


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